Coming Soon: Ασύρματος

A 1-hour radio special by the Syrian & Greek Youth Forum Sunday 30 April 2023, 16:00

‘Asyrmatos’ is a radio special by the Syrian & Greek Youth Forum. Taking its name from the old neighbourhood of Athens – Ασύρματος, literally meaning ‘wireless’ or ‘radio’ – the programme sounds out layers of history and Mediterranean relations. The neighbourhood is one of the 1922 settlements of Athens, a place made out of displacement. Our broadcast takes these movements as its jumping off point, gathering recordings from cities around the Eastern Mediterranean, and hearing Athens as a sound and idea in constant circulation. Cities layer over one another. Not as palimpsest (‘palimpsest is too archaeological’, writes geographer Doreen Massey, and stays too closely to the imagination of surfaces), but as counterpoint, written together as a fugue. The result is a sound-cycle, an intercity symphony, a feedback loop, a Mediterradio. Athens becomes both transmitter and receiver, generating sonic geographies and imaginations that bring past and future together.

The program is part of SEAWARDS events organized by Syrian & Greek Youth Forum in collaboration with Onassis Stegi within the framework of Ulysses project, co-funded by the European Union

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