About the Citizen Sound Archive

The Citizen Sound Archive is a multilingual archive of activisms and relations, of political voices and songs of belonging, of movements, migrations, and social transformations.

It contains recordings made by members of The Syrian and Greek Youth Forum (SGYF), an international activist group based in Athens. The archive is a sounding board of our activist methods and citizen media, through which we connect our work in Athens to histories and geographies of resistance. Through these recordings, we seek to reimagine Athenian publics and politics, and to write decolonial Mediterranean futures.

We began making recordings in spring 2019, through a series of workshops on sound recording, skill sharing, and media production. The result is this space of creation and collaboration: a resource for the city; a platform for communication with movements elsewhere; a space of community mobilising, collective research, and knowledge production.

Thank you for listening.

Contact: citizensoundarchive@gmail.com