About the Active Citizens Sound Archive

The Active Citizens Sound Archive is a multilingual archive of solidarities and collaborations, of diversities and possibilities.

It contains recordings made by members of The Syrian and Greek Youth Forum (SGYF), an active citizens group based in Athens, focused on community building, inclusion, and employment. We are recording our activisms and political inclusion activities. The archive presents some of this work.

We began making recordings in spring 2019, through a series of workshops on sound recording, skill sharing, and media production. We continue to record life in the city, and are now preparing museum exhibitions and radio programs using these recordings.

This work comes from recognising the need to record this moment in Athens – to tell the world that we are building a collective movement aiming to advance the development of Syrians and other communities into active citizens in Athens and Greece. SGYF is a platform for citizenship. We hope this archive will be useful in disrupting the kinds of stories normally told about refugees. Instead, these are recordings made by us, as citizens, opening a collective space for new understandings and representations.

Thank you for listening.

Contact: citizensoundarchive@gmail.com