Becoming the City (Trailer)

Trailer for forthcoming video project!

‘Becoming the City’ presents our work as active citizens in Athens. It showcases perspectives from members of our team, speaking as individuals and as one, across and through multiple languages. Our thoughts centre on citizenship, activism, art, and the political voice: how we use diversity to create the city, how we remind ourselves of shared histories and connected cultures, how we use art to tell the city we are here, how we work to become Athenians. Our narratives stretch across geographies and borders. And from this emerge rebellious methodologies that develop new forms of citizenship. Join us and hear how we are creating, building, and becoming the city.

The City Talks Back

‘Becoming the City’ is our first contribution for The City Talks Back – a collaborative project initiated by Theatrum Mundi in partnership with Onassis Stegi in Athens, co-curated and edited by George Kafka. See all the contributions to the project at

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