Relational City

Our new radio show, broadcast on on 29 April 2022

Relational city – an Athens that holds multiple cities inside it, based both on old entanglements of cultures and people, and on newer ideas and creativities. In this program, members of our team make a new map of Athens, finding a city built on relation and commonality. A place that contains other places. Movements that contain other movements. Citizenships that contain other citizenships.

The show sounds out the everyday practices of belonging and city making, structured around a series of conversations, walks, and small acts of sharing: sharing food, languages, sounds, music, neighbourhoods, and urban spaces. It moves through a series of scenes, which together make up the relational city.


Hussain Badran – Zurna
Syrian and Greek Youth Forum – Arada at Panepistimiou
Flamenco Arabe – Qadouka el Mayas
Slim Gaillard – Tee Say Malee

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